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New meteorites available…

El Mrira 001 – rare H4 melt breccia

One of only 8 approved H4 melt breccia…

Awesome meteorite – read more and see available slices here: El Mrira 001 – rare H4 melt breccia

Erg Chech 002

Erg Chech 002 – a very special achondrite, see available slices here:


Tarda C2-ung. fall 2020. -01
Tarda C2-ung. fall 2020. -01.
#55101 €50,- kr. 350, see them all:

Diogenite translucent slices, € 34-48,- See them all:

NWA 13281 – type L5 chondrite

NEW CHONDRITE – Classified in March 2020

This fascinating chondrite was found in 2019 in Niger, most with some to almost full crust. Light gray interior with a lot of details, metal grains, chondrules and inclusions. Whole specimens from 5 g to 1700 g, windowed specimens, half stones, full slices, part slices and end cuts. Please ask if you have special requests – also for jewelry.

See them all:

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