Stone meteorites type L – Stenmeteoritter type L

Low iron – L-type chondrite


NWA 7581 – type L3 chondrite

Mean chondrule diameter of 0.6 mm and metal abundance argues for L type. Cr2O3 in olivine is 0.02-0.45. Type 3 definition: Designates chondrites that are characterized by abundant chondrules, low degrees of aqueous alteration, and unequilibrated mineral assemblages. Many of the low-Ca pyroxene grains are monoclinic and exhibit polysynthetic twinning. The type 3 chondrites may be divided into subtypes ranging from 3.00 (least metamorphosed) to 3.9 (nearly metamorphosed to type 4 levels). If primary igneous glass occurs in the chondrules, it belongs to type 3.

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