HED group meteorites – HED gruppe meteoritter

HED meteorites are achondrites that are similar to terrestrial igneous rocks. They are thought to have originated from the asteroid Vesta. There are three subgroups: Howardites, Eucrites, and Diogenites. These differ in mineral composition and texture, which were determined by their history while still part of the crust of Vesta.

Howardites are brecciated mixtures of diogenite and eucrite material. Eucrites are basaltic rocks comprised of pigeonite and plagioclase feldspar, with minor phosphate, metal, troilite, silica, and ilmenite, and come in several different types based on their textures. Diogenites are coarse-grained orthopyroxene-rich rocks, generally ~ 90% orthopyroxene, and contain minor amounts of olivine, chromite, plagioclase, clinopyroxene, and opaque minerals such as troilite and metal.


HED Howardite – being classified… (click photo to enlarge)

#52010 – 20.7g € 621,-  kr. 4657,-

#52011 – 9.5g € 285,-  kr. 2137,-

#52012 – 1.7g € 51,-  kr. 382,-


NWA 13734 Eucrite

Monomict breccia composed of microgabbroic eucrite clasts and related crystalline debris in a finer grained matrix. Minerals are exsolved pigeonite (pale orange in thin section), calcic plagioclase (polycrystalline), silica polymorph, Ti-chromite, ilmenite and troilite. (Click photo to enlarge)

#53010 – 13.6g € 136,-  kr. 1020,-

#53011 – 3.0g € 30,-  kr. 225,-

#13012 – 127.8g 10×16 cm large slice polished both sides. Click photo to enlarge. SOLD


HED Diogenite NWA 7831, 11 g, beautiful translucent slice  #54000  kr. 1980,-  €264,-

The following Diogenite NWA7831 slices are professionally wirecut to only 1mm to make great translucence and cosmic beauty. Low numbers are largest. Weight doesn’t really matter here – translucence do – but #01 is 2.4g.

#01  SOLD
#02  SOLD
#05  SOLD
#06  SOLD
#07 SOLD
#11 SOLD
#12  SOLD
#14 SOLD
#17 SOLD

#01 to #07 is €48 each (kr. 360/stk.)

#08 to #14 is €42 each (kr. 315/stk.)

#15 to #17 is €34 each (kr. 255/stk.)


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